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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Session 1 ( Keynote) Jerry Kulcinski, Chair  
8:10 AM Jaeyoung Park EMC2 Polywell - A Path to Electrostatic Fusion
Session 2: Joe Khachan, Chair  
8:50 AM Kai Masuda Kyoto University Active Interrogation of Special Nuclear Materials by Use of IEC Fusion Neutron Generator
9:15 AM Jerry Kulcinski University of Wisconsin Experimental and Theoretical Program Highlights from the University of Wisconsin IEC Program
9:40 AM George Miley University of Illinois Comments About Varied IEC Approaches to Fusion Power
10:05 AM Joe Khachan University of Sydney Progress in inertial electrostatic confinement at the University of Sydney
Session 3: Kai Masuda, Chair  
10:55 AM Masami Ohnishi Kansai University D-T Burning in IECF
11:20 AM Ross Radel Phoenix Nuclear Labs Recent Progress at Phoenix Nuclear Labs
11:45 AM Greg Piefer SHINE An Innovative Neutron Source and Low-Enrichment Uranium System for the Production of Mo-99
12:10 PM Yasushi Yamamoto Kansai University Prepare for the D-T Burning in IECF – relocation, remote operation, and tritium handling
Session 4: George Miley, Chair  
1:45 PM John Santarius University of Wisconsin Polywell Physics Modeling Considerations
2:05 PM Devlin Baker Convergent Scientific Rapid Parametric Study of Polywell Devices
2:25 PM Dan Barnes Coronado Consulting Penning traps as neutron sources
2:45 PM Gil Emmert University of Wisconsin On Including Electron Effects in VICTER
Session 5: Masami Ohnishi, Chair  
3:30 PM Hodaka Osawa Kansai University The parallel running of multiple IECF devices
3:50 PM Gabriel Becerra Phoenix Nuclear Labs Neutral-particle analysis in IEC devices
4:10 PM Hiroshi Horibe Kurita Manufacturing Transfer IEC Equipment
4:30 PM Rich Bonomo University of Wisconsin Preparing for 300 kV DC Operation – System Stability Studies and Component Selection
8:00 PM Bob Hirsch   Dinner speech (click to see dinner speech presentation)
Session 6: Jaeyoung Park, Chair  
8:10 AM John Hedditch University of Sydney IEC simulation via a Relativistic Particle Code
8:30 AM Drew Chap University of Maryland Simulations for Multi-grid Inertial Electrostatic Confinement
8:50 AM Kazuki Nanjo Tokyo Institute of Technology Characterization of the discharge plasma in Cylindrical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion device
9:10 AM George Chen University of Illinois Plasma Flow from the Helicon into the IEC
9:30 AM Matt Michalak University of Wisconsin Expanding the D-D Voltage and Current Operating Space between 0.1 to 1 mTorr in the UW IEC Device HOMER
Session 7: Eiki Hotta, Chair  
10:30 AM Rehan Bandara University of Sydney Nonlinear saturation of the ion-electron Buneman instability in a spherical positively pulsed gridded IEC device
10:50 AM Ryota Nakamatsu Kyoto University Study on the Delay Time of Current Rise in Pulsed Glow-Discharge-Driven IEC
11:10 AM Andrew Seltzman University of Wisconsin Measurement of Ion Bombardment Heat Load Distributions on the Central Grid of an IEC Fusion Device
11:30 AM Aaron Fancher University of Wisconsin Design and Testing of a High Voltage Feedthrough for Extending IEC Operations to 300 Kilovolts
Session 8: Gil Emmert, Chair  
1:00-1:45 PM Awards, Workshop Summary & Closing Remarks Joe Kachan (click to see workshop summary)
POSTERS: Wednesday & Thursday, October 1-2, 2014 (Union South)
1 Drew Ahern University of Illinois Experimental Advances and Next Steps in the Helicon Injected Inertial Plasma Electrostatic Rocket (HIIPER)
2 Hiroki Konda Kansai University Gas supply/exhausting system with getter pump for D-T Burning in IECF
3 Kenji Miyamoto Kansai University Decontamination of Tritium from exhaust gas of IECF device
4 Marcos Navarro University of Wisconsin D-D Neutron Production Optimization in a Linear IEC Device
5 Jeff Kollasch University of Wisconsin Simulation of enhanced fast electron confinement in multi-cusp geometry due to flux exclusion
6 Benjamin Bercovici University of Illinois Experimental and Numerical Validation of Ion Extractor Grids
7 Yosuke Kawahira Kansai University Discharge characteristics of multiple IEC device
8 Karla Hall University of Wisconsin Effects of Multiple Energy 4He+ Bombardment on Cathode Materials Such As W at High Temperatures
9 Matt Jasica University of Wisconsin Investigations of Helium Ion Damage to IEC Cathode Materials at the University of Wisconsin
10 Aaron Olson University of Wisconsin Design of a Heat Exchanger for the Extraction of Lunar Solar Wind Volatiles
11 Dan Knapp Medical University of South Carolina Finite Element Method Simulation Studies of a Prototype Planar Geometry IEC Fusion Device